Forty Six & 2
'Killer Keith' is what ladies like to call me. Bang Bang have a nice day. I carry my Desert Eagle with me and aim at coke bottles whenever I have a trigger happy finger. Former President of MOMAG with the brothers on my skin. Currently headbanging and smashing heads on stage and as a full time bartender. Rain on my parade and I'll clock your fuckin' brains in.
Chaos within MOMAG. That’s always a pleasure.
I’m too old for this shit.
3 days ago   &   2

chris jericho wearing a suit appreciation~

3 days ago   &   42

i just said i ain’t into ears, man. jesus. get your old damn eyeballs checked.

Fuck you, my eyeballs are perfectly fine.

7 months ago   &   32

girls are more fun cause they got three places you can stick a dick. well… five if you’re into ears. that’s fuckin weird, even for me.

…The fuck?

You gonna fuck her til she’s deaf?

Filth’s gonna carve your ass if that shit happens, brother.

7 months ago   &   32

only ass i stick my dick in is tiny’s but the sentiment is appreciated.

Only ass I stick my dick in is Filth’s. I ain’t sticking my dick nowhere else.

Except his mouth, of course. Dessert is always fun after the main course.

7 months ago   &   32

fuck you. my john hancock is legible… kinda.


Ahem. Just returning the favor.

7 months ago   &   32

adding ‘pain in the ass’ to my resume. legit.

Oh I’m sure it’ll look nice and neat with your signature, Psycho.

7 months ago   &   32

you do that. i’ll probably still be there. i’m kinda hard to get rid of.

…so I’ve noticed. Kinda like a leech.

7 months ago   &   32



jus like makin you uncomfortable.

Phil? Babe, anyone?

Bueller, bueller?

they’re comin to get you, barbara.

or somethin. don’t listen to me cause i’m half asleep and a little tipsy. any time is a good time for miller time.

…I’m scarred for motherfucking life. Be right back. Gonna brush my teeth, tidy up, and fuck the shit out of my man to get you out of my head.

7 months ago   &   32